Shoulder healed and undone by God’s love

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Testimonies

Pamela says I came to the ‘Perfect Love Seminar.’ My shoulder had been hurting for weeks and a word of knowledge was released for the right arm and my right shoulder began to be pushed up and down and was totally healed. I was undone by God’s perfect love, seeing Him pulling gravel out of my heart in the deepest places. I started to feel insecurities be filled with His secure love. Everything feels different, I feel peace, joy, light and a deep satisfaction that can’t be explained. It’s total and complete. My heart was squeezed over so many times, pressed and pushed. I saw what looked like puss coming out of my heart from deep and old wounds. I saw things like rebar coming out from between my toes that was hindering my walk in God. I don’t understand fully what He did but I feel so accepted and full of His love. I will never be the same. I just can’t get over it, it was wave after wave of His love in the deepest places I didn’t even know I had. It’s like I was the target and God shot a love missile directly at the bullseye!