Gen. 1:3 And God said LIGHT BE! And there was LIGHT.

This LIGHT, that came instantly when He said LIGHT BE, was the aura of God.
LIGHT, that was a very part of GOD HIMSELF.
This LIGHT came forth upon the earth, before God created the heavens.

Gen.1:4 And God saw the LIGHT was good, and God divided the LIGHT from the darkness.

Creation of the HEAVENS;

Gen.1:14 And God said, LIGHTS be in the firmament of the HEAVENS to divide the day from the night. Be for Signs and Appointed times and for Days and Years.
Gen.1:15 LIGHTS, be in the Firmaments of the Heavens to give LIGHT upon the Earth.
And it was so.
Gen.1:16 And God made 2 Great LIGHTS, the Greater LIGHT to rule over the DAY, and the LESSER LIGHT to rule over the NIGHT. HE made the STARS also.
Gen.1:17 And God set them in the FIRMAMENTS of the HEAVENS.
Our Creator is a God of order. There are appointed times and seasons that the earth follows by HIS HAND. Seasons are HIS CREATION. Their purpose fulfills time.

Notice the word HEAVENS is plural. In the Hebrew language, the word heaven is always plural. The reason being, is that there are SEVEN HEAVENS.


HEAVEN #1 Is named DOK pronounced like (coke).
Is.40:22b He who stretches out the Heavens like a curtain and spreads them out like a tent to dwell in. DOK disappears in the morning and returns in the evening. DOK is the night time sky. The great expanse of the universe going far beyond what we can see.

This is where God set the LIGHTS HE created into the FIRMAMENT of the Heavens.
Gen.1:17 – This place is where the stars, planets move in their orbits. Solar Systems live, Galaxies exist. These can all be seen  by your eyes.

This is best described in Ps.78:23-24
He commanded the skies from above, opened the DOORS OF HEAVEN, and rained down Manna from Heaven. SHECHAKIM is the place where our Heavenly Food comes from. Supernaturally, the grain of heaven came to the earth to feed the people from this place. This is also where the Millstone is located that grinds the wheat. We are still fed from this place, but we are now eating the Living Word of God! His WORD is miraculously feeding us today. SHECHAKIM is also known as the ATMOSPHERE, as an OPEN HEAVEN, where we can eat supernatural food.

ISAIAH 63:15 Look down from Heaven and behold from your HABITATION OF YOUR HOLINESS and YOUR GLORY!
1 Kings 8:13 I have surely built a HOUSE OF HABITATION for You, a settled place for You to abide in forever. ZEVUL is the dwelling place of Heavenly Jerusalem. The temple where God’s Holiness and Glory dwells. The excellency of God’s Splendor dwells in this place.

From this place the LORD will Command HIS LOVINGKINDNESS in the day time and in the night HIS SONG will be with me. Ps.42:9 MAON is a lovely place. How do I know that? Because GOD SENDS OUT HIS LOVINGKINDNESS constantly from this place in HEAVEN. ANGELS go out to do their assignments for people, as GOD releases HIS LOVINGKINDNESS to the people on earth. In the night, the SONG OF THE LORD goes out to HIS own. Think about this. God has a SONG that HE will sing over YOU from HEAVEN, at night time. He will come and minister to YOU while YOU sleep. Who ministers these SONGS to you? The ANGELS.

MACHON is where the WEATHER lives. A great storehouse of snow, hail, storms, and whirlwinds are kept. The LORD calls these HIS treasure.
Deut.28:12 The LORD will open to You HIS good treasury, the HEAVENS, to give the rain of your land in its season and to bless all the works of your hand.
With out rain, the earth does not produce food or even grow green plants. Rain is definitely a treasure.
1Kings8:34 Then hear in HEAVEN and forgive the sins of Your people Israel and bring them again into the land which You gave to their fathers. God has an attentive EAR from the storehouse of MACHON when people cry out for HIS treasure to come and meet the needs of their land.

ARAVOT is  where righteousness, judgement, and charity lives. Life, Peace and Blessings live in its storehouses.
The storehouse of LIFE houses those yet to be born upon the earth. The THRONE OF GLORY is in this place. The ministering ANGELS live here. This is the place where the KING OF THE UNIVERSE lives.
Ps.68:5 Sing to God! Sing praises to His Name! Extol Him who rides upon the clouds by His Name, Yah! Rejoice before Him!

All the seven heavens came into existence when God spoke Gen.1:14 by his mouth.
Our God who is LIGHT brought forth from HIMSELF and created everything we see in our natural world and sky. We know the seven Heavens exist because God exists.
He has made them for us from the beginning of creation. He lives in HEAVEN. One day we will too!
Light is a great gift.