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Sherie Vest

Betrothal is not a commonly used word in today’s Romance languages. The practice of entering into a Betrothal is rarely done now. Betrothal uses a legal binding contract called a “Ketubah.” Ketubah means, “written.” This written agreement included the promise of provision from the groom, financial statements of both parties, the bride’s dowry to the groom and the groom’s bridal payment to the brides family. The gift from the groom to the bride’s family was very important. This gift changed the bride’s status and actually set her free from her parent’s household.

We see this in: Genesis 24:53 – Then the servant brought out gold and silver jewelry and articles of clothing and gave them to Rebekah; he also gave costly gifts to her brother and to her mother.

Genesis 29:20 – So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but it only seemed like a few days to him because of his great love for her. (He worked 7 years for her father).

Once the Ketubah was signed by both parties, they were legally married. Within the stipulations of the written contract was usually a timeline when the marriage would be consummated. This time period was often a year from the signing of the written agreement.  The groom would build a house for his bride and make all the arrangements for her care. During this time of waiting, the bride to be would prepare herself for her beloved to come and take her. Waiting for the fulfillment of the wedding was a set apart time for the groom and the bride to ready themselves for the covenant of marriage. The father of the groom had the final say on when exactly his son could go to bring his bride home. This is true today, Jesus is waiting for the Father to say receive your Bride. The custom was to take the bride at midnight. As we see in Mathew 25:6 At midnight the cry rang out: Here’s the Bridegroom come out to meet Him (The wise virgins were prepared and had plenty of Oil to meet the Bridegroom when he came at midnight.)

Betrothal is much stronger than Engagement.

Engagement is a promise and a pledge to marry.

Betrothal is a binding marriage contract with a preparation time before becoming one.

Betrothed to a King

Hosea 2:19 – I will BETROTH you to me FOREVER. I will BETROTH you in Righteousness and JUSTICE, in LOVE and COMPASSION.

Hosea 2:20 – I will BETROTH you in FAITHFULNESS and you will acknowledge the LORD.

God is tenderly speaking to His Beloved, “I will have you as my own. I willingly enter into a Covenant of Love with you. This is a binding agreement. We are not engaged to be married. We are BETROTHED.”

Look at what our Ketubah speaks of: This union with God will last forever. We will have HIS Righteousness and Justice His Love and Compassion. Best of all the very Faithfulness of the Lord will be ours.  Thinking about this BETROTHAL I saw a garment. The front of this garment was long and loose fitting. Over the breast and to the waist I saw golden circular eyelets, just right for threading a sash through. I saw, as we believed and walked in the King’s RIGHTEOUSNESS, the golden sash went through one of the eyelets on the robe. A contouring to the body began.

JUSTICE came into view. As JUSTICE became known and we moved in its influence more of the golden sash was threaded into the garment.

Mathew 5:6 – Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for RIGHTEOUSNESS for they will be filled.

Isaiah 28:17 – I will make JUSTICE the measuring line and RIGHTEOUSNESS the plumb line.

Psalm 89:14 – RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE are the foundations of Your Throne; LOVE and FAITHFULNESS go before You.

Becoming acquainted with God’s LOVE is very delightful. God is LOVE; that is who He is. Falling in love with love is getting to know the King. The more He reveals about Himself, the more He is to be desired. His LOVE is all consuming and nothing is to be wanted.

Song of Songs 1:2 – Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your LOVE is more delightful than wine.

The sash is again threaded with LOVE through the golden eyelets on our garment. Giving more shape to our Bridal dress.

Ps.122:6 – May those who LOVE You be secure.

Deuteronomy 7:9 – Know that the Lord your God is God; He is the FAITHFUL God, keeping His Covenant of LOVE to a thousand generations of those who LOVE Him and His commands.

Psalm 89:24 – My FAITHFUL LOVE will be with him. As we walk and experience the Lords FAITHFULNESS, we become faithful. The bride’s garment is becoming a beautiful wedding gown fit for the King. The BETROTHAL gifts have beautified the garment and enhanced the beauty of the soon to be bride. What gifts the King bestows upon His intended!

His own RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUSTICE, LOVE and COMPASSION and FAITHFULNESS. The bride makes herself ready for her beloved as the midnight hour approaches.

Faithful in Hebrew is the word “Emet” – Faithfulness, reliable, trustworthy, truth, steadiness.

The King of Kings is faithful to prepare us for Himself. We are betrothed!


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