Biblical Citizenship Class


Every Thursday, starting Aug 25th


9:30 AM PST


3010 Skyway Dr # C, Santa Maria, CA 93455




This is it! Now more than ever, our nation is in need of Biblical Citizens to awaken to the dynamic unity of being dedicated citizens of the Kingdom of God & impactful citizens of the nation in which we live, to restore Biblical values & liberty at the local level and beyond!

This foundational course offers a quick-start guide to the US Constitution, complete with an overview of all the Articles & Amendments via interactive, fast-paced presentations. Learn how the Founders relied on their Biblical worldview to secure the blessings of liberty. Immerse yourself in encouraging historical facts and inspirational true stories erased from our educational institutions today.

Being Biblical Citizens requires a clear understanding of Biblical principles and how to apply them in the ecclesia! Through this class, you will be inspired & equipped like never before to put your faith to action at such a time as this!

We will provide you with a digital workbook and 6-8 in-person video classes.

Be the catalyst for restoring Biblical values in your neighborhood, State, and Nation.

Classes begin Thursday, August 25th, and each following Thursday except September 8th and October 6th.

Don’t miss this important class series on what it means to be a Biblical Citizen in Modern America.