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Marilyn Simandle’s Prophetic Art

Meet Marilyn Simandle…

“I have been painting since I was six years old. It has always been my passion so I studied art throughout grade school and college. All my life, I’ve painted on location, simply loving the beauty of God’s marvelous creation.

Marilyn Simandle2But six years ago, I had an encounter with God that changed the lenses I was looking through! He gave me a new heart and a new way of seeing. Now I paint what I don’t see—heaven—where God lives. The unseen is superior to the seen world where the Creator lives. Although there’s great beauty in everything God has made, what we can see in the natural is still an inferior version of the superior in heaven.

That is prophetic art—partnering with God to paint heaven—to paint the miraculous. Here are a few examples of my prophetic paintings which were all done during live worship.”

For more info and to purchase one of Marilyn’s prophetic art pieces visit marilynsimandle.com