Healing Rooms Apostolic Center

The Healing Rooms Apostolic Center (HRAC) is a regional and global resource center where people come to receive healing, to pray and be equipped for spiritual growth and personal ministry. Home to the Healing Rooms of the Santa Maria Valley—where thousands of people have come for healing over nearly two decades—the center is also home to the Healing Rooms House of Prayer that is working with teams in our region to build night and day prayer with worship.

When you visit the center, you’ll also find personal prayer ministries providing more intimate care and counsel such as Deep Calls to Deep, Healing the Broken Hearted and Restoring the Foundations. Our equipping ministries include the School of Supernatural Life, School of Transformation, Pulse, a young adult ministry, and periodic prayer team training opportunities for all of the ministries housed at the center.

The offices of the International Association of Healing Rooms North America is located here—where since 2000, Rick and Lori Taylor have launched out in faith establishing healing rooms around the world.

Healing Rooms SMV

The Healing Rooms of the Santa Maria Valley provide a loving, safe and confidential environment where you can come to receive healing prayer.

Healing Rooms House of Prayer

HR-Hop-LogoA place of refuge and a place to cultivate intimacy with Jesus as we express a part of our vision, which is to call out to God in worship and prayer.


Healing Rooms Ministries International

website_layout_other_pages_outer_outline_13After we opened the first healing room in Spokane, we began to have visitors who came from around the world. They saw what was happening in Spokane and expressed a desire to have the same work in their city. We knew that we must have a work that could be duplicated in every nation. We developed, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, a model of operation for every healing room. It is this model that helps us to maintain the integrity of every healing room. Every healing room, no matter what nation, must be a safe place for the sick to go. The power to heal the sick is the same, no matter where a healing room is located. (read more)


Ministry Friends

Meet our ministry friends that are often involved in many of the events that we host at the HRAC.