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Healing Rooms House of Prayer

A place of refuge and a place for people to cultivate intimacy with Jesus; to seek His face and to “wait upon the Lord”, the Healing Rooms House of Prayer is in pursuit of night and day prayer with worship as a ministry to God.

HR-Hop-LogoOur vision is to call out to God in worship and prayer that agrees with the promises found in His word, awakening us to wholehearted love for God that reaches others through greater works of mercy and justice.

The hearts cry at HRHOP is for awakening to unity in love. Jesus longs for our affections in all of life and desires that we walk together in unity and love for one another. Having a steady gaze—keeping our eyes on Jesus—enlightens our minds, thrills our hearts and moves us into deeper intimacy with God. We become more unified as we fill our hearts with God’s word, discovering more of who Jesus really is and by agreeing with His heart we learn to dwell together in one accord. (John 17:20-24)

hrhop-roomAt our core, all the activity of the prayer room is entirely for love. God loves us, enabling us to love Him. Out of His love we love one another and in the power of agreement we release God’s most powerful strategic weapon on earth—the joyful church—His house of prayer. (Is.56:7)

Join us as we build a regional house of prayer led by worship teams from all church streams on the Central Coast. Lift up your voices with us as we worship the Lord, crying out for the church and Israel, for nations and rulers, the oppressed, broken and the lost. We long for
God’s love to move through us as ‘salt and light’, reaching out locally, regionally and globally.                                      

If you’d like to find out more about becoming part of HRHOP’s worship & prayer teams, please contact Lori Taylor or e-mail us at hrhop@healingroomssmv.com.

For those in need of personal prayer at the Healing Rooms, please check out the Healing Room’s Schedule.