Sherie Vest carries the office of intercession and has been the head intercessor for the Healing Rooms Apostolic Center since 2006. Along with her team, Sherie’s vision is to contend in prayer for the Healing Rooms Apostolic Center to always be a place where people encounter the love of God; that His glorious presence ever increases, permeating the atmosphere in a strong, tangible way evidenced by great signs, wonders, miracles and healing.

Sherie’s rich history as an intercessor spans more than a decade of serving before the Lord as a church and community prayer leader, participation in Watch of the Lord and a Prayer Pastor for two churches. A major part of her assignment includes her call to intercede for the purposes of God to be released upon the earth and a commitment to pray for Rick and Lori Taylor, North America Divisional Directors of the Healing Rooms North America and here at the HRAC.

Sherie and her husband, Jim have two grown children and one grandchild. They currently reside in the Santa Ynez Valley.

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