Home of Paul Cain Ministries

Paul Cain is under the covering and care of the Healing Rooms of the Santa Maria, where Paul spends most of his time in intercession and listening to God. He is receiving revelation and believes he is about to release the word of the Lord once again over nations and to the church. — Rick Taylor, IAHR North America Divisional Director

“What a pleasure and a privilege to know Paul Cain as an amazing Prophet as well as a friend. Inspired by his faith and integrity, I can say from our personal times together that the candor and humor of this man of God reflect a heart that has been tested and found true in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I anticipate a season of renewed health and heavenly activation in Paul’s life.  We will continue to be blessed and in awe by what God does through the life of this general.”
Patrick Sparrow, Capstone International Ministries / Shouts of Grace Church

“Paul Cain, is a man of God, who has been and continues to be used mightily by God. He has blessed so many people and leaders in the Body of Christ with his accurate and gracious Prophetic Ministry. Thousands and thousands of people have been touched, world-wide, with a saving, delivering, healing, and affirming Word of the Spirit. I have personally observed Brother Cain, calling people out of an audience by name, (that he had never met or seen before). This is a gifted and anointed reality. This man’s ministry has forever changed my life. I truly believe you will be greatly blessed and ministered to by Prophet/Minister Paul Cain.”
Roger Wheeler, Pastor Emeritus, Santa Maria Foursquare Church

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