City Serve

Santa Maria Valley

We exist to help the broken and the hopeless by supplying local churches with food and household goods.


Santa Maria Valley Healing Rooms Apostolic Center
3010 Skyway, Santa Maria, CA 93455

About CityServe Santa Maria Valley

CityServe is a branch of the Healing Rooms to expand our outreach to the Central Coast of California. We have become a partner with CityServe of Bakersfield, the international headquarters.

As a part of the Healing Rooms Apostolic Center of Santa Maria,

  • We exist to help mobilize the Church to offer healing and restoration to local neighborhoods to the Nations.
  • We exist to help the broken and the hopeless through the compassion of the local church.

CityServe is a collaborative network that empowers local churches to confront some of the most entrenched needs in their neighborhoods and throughout the world.

How it works

One of the ways CityServe does this is through a supply chain network of warehouse “HUBS” that channel resources such as household goods, furniture and food to local churches that serve their local community. We call these local churches POD’s or “Point of Distribution”. PODs are churches that have made a commitment to be actively involved with their neighbors and community through compassion evangelism.

A POD is a local church, or nonprofit that receives food and goods from its assigned HUB to meet the needs of its local neighborhoods with compassionate giving and relationship building.

Impact a Life

We have been blessed with many volunteers from the Healing Rooms staff and volunteers. The need to organize the food and goods in our warehouse will be ongoing. The need for people to go to neighborhoods and distribute food and goods will also be ongoing. Please be sure to look for coming updates for dates and times.

To become an affiliate of CityServe International (Bakersfield headquarters), you can get started by going to the website