Bible Immersion Journey with Lori Taylor

January 2024

Are you ready to dive deep into the Word of God and experience a transformative journey? Join us on a year-long adventure to explore the Bible like never before; starting January 2024.


Weekly Livestream

Monday Service

Worship, testimonies & an encouraging word.

Tuesday Healing Service

Worship and an encouraging healing word.

Wednesday | Worship with the Word

Soaking in God’s Word

Thursday Service

Worship & an encouraging word

Online Healing & Prophecy Rooms

Online Healing Rooms

Get Healing Prayer through ZOOM

Online Prophecy Rooms

Prophecy Rooms through ZOOM


Rick Taylor

Lori Taylor

Wesley Campbell

Stacey Campbell

David Kingsly

Fred Kropp

A.L Gill

Jacob Justice


The Book Of James | Epic men

Go through the book of James, a paragraph at a time. Showing how to deal with living a Christian Life in practical ways.

AGAPE "A Call To Love"

This conference is designed for us to center our focus on God’s love for us and then take that love and give it to a lost people.

I received a miracle from Jesus Christ

Join Graeme Walsh as he speaks with featured guests about healing miracles from Jesus Christ.

Epic Men

These videos will inspire, educate and challenge men to join us in pursuing God with all our hearts.

222 Prayer Strike

Offering to the LORD in honor of prophets who have spoken about our generation.


Host Wesley & Stacey Cambell

Praying the Bible

By Jesus’ example, we know that praying the Scriptures aloud brings powerful results.

Kingdom Authority

You will learn how to stop losing and start winning every battle of life.

From the Exodus to the Ingathering

a journey into The Lords Feasts

Prophetic Insights with Pastor Fred Kropp

Be encouraged with prophetic insights from Pastor Fred Kropp each Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30 PM PST.

Guest Speakers

Nathan French

Nathan French

Lou Engle

Sue Mead

James Goll

Bill Wiese

Chuck Pierce

Dutch Sheets

Joshua Mills

Patricia Bootsma

Sean feucht

John Harke

Richard & Carolyn Hyde

John Lee

Jerame and miranda nelson

Joseph Harris

Paul Berry

Jenny Kutz Papapostolou

Charlie Robinson

Rick Wright