A Testament to God’s Power and Grace

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Testimonies

I wanted to share my testimony with you from my online healing room encounter on June 14th, 2023, with Eve and Carlos.
I had been experiencing severe lower back pain and hip pain for six months, to the point that I couldn’t sleep. The pain had started right after the birth of my baby girl Victoria. Being my 4th time giving birth, I had expected everything to go smoothly, but quite the opposite happened. It was so traumatic and after almost 30 hours of active labor she was born. So much went wrong during that process and there chaos going on with the hospital staff. While speaking with Eve and Carlos about the pain, Eve connected it with trauma from the birth and it wasn’t until then that I realized how much that experience really affected me in my heart. I knew it had affected my body, but I had also been harboring so much anxiety and anger in my heart about the experience and the people involved. So we prayed to break off trauma and they mentioned neck pain, which I had but didn’t mention to them prior. So we prayed regarding the neck pain and it went away immediately. I can’t remember the exact order, but I remember a word about carrying heavy burdens coming forth and learning to lay those down before Jesus, but also letting others carry heavy loads for me in the natural (both words were confirmation of things my husband and pastor had spoken to me about previously). I remember praying and repenting for coming in agreement with fear and anxiety. And then Eve spoke of resting and trusting in the Lord. She used this imagery of being on a boat going down a river and letting the Lord guide me, resting and trusting in Him to get me where I need to be. She had no idea that the week before I had a dream where I found myself leaving the shore on a boat and I was panicking because I didn’t know where it was going. In the dream both my husband and the boat captain assured me everything was going to be good and they did everything they could to help me on the journey. The prophetic accuracy blew me away!!! I felt the presence of God fill my room and my heart was overwhelmed with His love, peace, and comfort. Jesus became so personal to me in that moment like never before. I’ve been saved for 13 years and had many encounters with the Lord in that time but this was “different.” And He kept showing off! Carlos spoke Hebrews 4:12 over me not knowing that the ministry my husband and I serve at is called The Living Word Ministries where one of the foundation scriptures is Hebrews 4:12. Carlos also felt led to pray for my baby girl Victoria and it blessed my heart so much the words he spoke over her. They also spoke encouragement over me and my husband about how needful we are to the body of Christ. So much happened that I’m sure I’ve missed something but I definitely hit the highlights of that beautiful divine meeting. Since the meeting, my back and hip pain has gone. I’ve also had such peace in my mind and heart and I’ve been experiencing a revival in my spiritual walk with the Lord. I had an expectancy in my Spirit prior to the meeting but God definitely met me above and beyond my wildest dreams!
I want to thank this ministry for being the vessel that God used to reach me in this moment of my life. And thank you so much to Eve and Carlos for being willing and obedient to follow Holy Spirit and ministering to me and my family. You do not know how much that has meant to me! God bless you all!

Kelly Ahlberg