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My legs grew out

  I came into the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for my neck, back, and my jaw. As we prayed, my legs grew out, and I felt a shift in my shoulders, Jaw, and gums. I am pain-free for the first time in years. I want to give all the glory to God.  -Jodi 

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Nerve pain

I came to the Healing Rooms with Intercoastal Neuralgia, nerve pain in the rib area that I have had for over a year. I've seen six different doctors, and they could not help me. After coming here, I have no more pain. God has healed me completely. -Marie

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I am healed, delivered, and set free

I have been delivered from a spirit of death. The pain in my chest is no more since the team prayed for me. I have been healed from all sickness and the spirit of infirmity. Thank you, Jesus; I am healed, delivered, and set free on the might and precious name of...

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Neck Pain

Yvette Anaya says she was completely healed while Rick Taylor was praying for those suffering from neck pain. I accepted my healing during the prayer and at that very moment, my neck started to pop. I have been suffering from neck pain and migraines for weeks. I kept...

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Hope restored

Lesley Arnold says I came with my year old broken heart - having gained some healing over the past months but in the past week driving into a valley - dark and dreary again. I was believing lies of unworthiness, no value, hopelessness, not good enough from being...

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