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Healing Rooms
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Upcoming Events

Intro to the House of Prayer

January 20th

Intro to Intercession

January 27th

Healing Rooms Training

Feb. 7th & 8th

House of Prayer Training

Feb. 15th at 10 AM & 2 PM

Healing Rooms Kids

Feb. 28th & 29th

Shiloh Launch

March 9th — 11th

Shiloh School of Transformational Prophecy

March 10th — 11th

Freedom from Generational Curses

March 28th



School of Supernatural Life

Fall 2019

Ignite Internship

Spring 2020

The Pulse

Every 3rd Friday

New Believer’s Course

Wednesdays in February

Bridge Tracks

February & March

City Transformation Workshop

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Issue-Focused Ministry Training

April 13th — 17th, 2020

Weekly Events

These functions are regular and are open to all.

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Marriage Healing Rooms

Mon — Wed @ Select Times.

Prophetic Ministry

Thurs. 11 AM — 12 PM


Healing Rooms

Prophecy Rooms

Ignite Internship

The Pulse

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