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Healing Rooms
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Upcoming Events

Healing Rooms Kids

Feb. 28th & 29th

One Voice Youth

March 4th

Shiloh Launch

March 9th — 11th

Shiloh School of Transformational Prophecy

March 10th — 11th

Heal the Earth

March 11th

Freedom from Generational Curses

March 28th


School of Supernatural Life

Fall 2019

Ignite Internship

Spring 2020

The Pulse

Every 3rd Friday

Bridge Tracks

February & March

Issue-Focused Ministry Training

April 13th — 17th, 2020

Thorough Format Ministry Training

April 18th — 25th, 2020

New Believer’s Course

Wednesdays in May

Weekly Events

These functions are regular and are open to all.

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Marriage Healing Rooms

Mon — Wed @ Select Times.

Prophetic Ministry

Thurs. 11 AM — 12 PM


Healing Rooms

Prophecy Rooms

Ignite Internship

The Pulse

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