Broken heart is being mended

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Testimonies

Lesley says my heart is broken BUT GOD is restoring. About a year ago now and after almost 25 years, my wonderful husband decided he did not want me anymore. The abandonment and being forsaken by the one who gave shape to my life, whom I loved and longed for intensely, who was my rock, my security, my lover, my best friend, my only sense of the future. I have been on the road of healing as God has drawn me to Himself – giving me a thirst for the Word and His company, unparalleled in my life’s experience. And He has met me over and again – tonight in the eyes and arms and heart of my counselors at these Healing Rooms. Taking my pain, my unforgiveness, my husband to the foot of the cross and allowing Jesus’ blood to wash it and affirm me. I left with a buoyant heart and much hope. Thank you Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit for your restoration.