“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever”. While He walked this earth He healed the sick, cast out demons and performed many miracles. We believe He is the same today and still does these things. We pray with that understanding and in the powerful name of Jesus (Hebrews 3:8).

Healing Room Apostolic Center

The Healing Rooms Apostolic Center (HRAC) is a regional and global resource center where people come to receive healing, to pray and be equipped for spiritual growth and personal ministry.


We host several exceptional conferences, seminars, nights of worship and concerts every year. Many of these events are offered without cost simply because we want to worship and encounter God together as the regional church, and to encourage one another in our faith and hope in Christ.

Our events are designed to come alongside the churches in our city and region to help us all grow in our knowledge of God while deepening intimacy with Him as followers of Jesus. Join our email list of friends if you’d like us to send you invitations to upcoming events.

“If we can just get you to encounter Jesus, you will be healed.” – Rick Taylor


Essential to our purpose as an apostolic center, our equipping ministries are envisioned to develop spiritual growth, outfitting students and attendees with skills and confidence essential to making disciples empowered to live transformed lives for the sake of God’s Kingdom.


The wonder and beauty of our testimonies is that they connect us more deeply to God’s great love and affection for us. These stories of intimate encounter with Jesus fuse our real-life experiences to the greater story of the gospel, fueling our confidence in the goodness of God…

Sore on foot healed and diabetes improved

Ray Bond says he has had a sore on his right foot for a year and a half. Since he has been coming to the Healing Rooms, the pain in his right foot has decreased and the sore is starting to scab over. His diabetes also has been improving and his blood sugar has...

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Healed from seizures

Sam F. shares how he has had seizures for 20 years from an old car accident. He would have one or more a week sometimes. He came in for prayer about 2 months ago and has had no more seizures since. 

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